Altar Suites presents a unique intersection of past and present, set amidst the modern urban landscape of downtown Athens and steps away from the Ancient Agora. Beside the building’s emblematic location, Altar Suites’ name pays great homage to the rich heritage of Classical Greece.

For us, Altar Suites is the center of the world,
set at the intersection of past & present.

Discover classic charm and elegance in the neighborhood of the Twelve Gods! A boutique getaway located in the center of the beating heart of Athens, committed to offering travelers excellence in hospitality.

Its' name pays tribute to the Altar of the Twelve Gods, one of the most distinguished precincts in the Athenian Agora, as well as the central marker for calculating distances from the city.

It was the predominant asylum for the persecuted and an welcoming, warm place of refuge.

In addition to Athens being the birthplace of democracy, many of the founding archetypes and ideas of the modern Western world are highly influenced
by the Ancient Greeks and their progress
in politics, philosophy, sports,
science, and art.

The ideas of the ancient Greeks
continue to influence the way we live today
and without them, the modern world
would not be the same.

"Discover the ancient city of light that is the birthplace for art, culture, history, and entertainment, hosting unique events, activities, and experiences that will enrich
your stay in the nation’s capital."

Featuring 16 rooms & suites, Altar feels truly ‘boutique’; intimate and luxurious.

It is the ideal home base for visitors looking to experience the creative and inspiring energy that makes this ancient area so vibrant.


Cocooned within the heart of the city at Astiggos street, just a few meters away from the Ancient Agora, it pays tribute to the city’s past and provides access to the most celebrated landmarks beyond its doors.

Explore the buzzing metropolis of Athens that has enchanted visitors for decades.

"Escaping the chaotic, sprawling city of Athens, and arriving at the Altar Suites feels like entering a modern-day temple."

Altar Suites
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